Great Gate!

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Here’s a gate made by Rumen Ginev.  He sent us the photos and these comments: First a HUGE THANKS for maintaining such impressive stock range at great prices! All materials except pebbles on the photos are from you: timber, pavers, steel angles, mortar and even fasteners – timber screws and bolts. The gate looks amazing! Solid,  nicely squared and easily maintained, … Read More

Jacqualine McKinnon’s castle shed and chicken coop

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Jacqualine McKinnon shot us a picture of her fancy castle themed shed project. With the left over materials she also made a matching chicken coop! It’s another example of the great DIY projects being created all over the Geelong region. If you’re interested in our timber range head over to the timber supplies page and check out the photos. We also sell a … Read More

Boris Katic’s Jarrah and Hardwood Case

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Our mate Boris Katic sent in a photo of a beautiful case that he made. It’s a fine piece that took a while as it was completed on and off between all the other usual family duties. The frame is Jarrah and the middle section is 6mm hardwood ply. Below shows the inside of the case and was before it was sanded and … Read More

8 plywood projects you can build too – Inspired by customer Shane

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Shane Tippett‎ inspired this article. He’s one of our customers and built the above bed! He said “Great service down at North Geelong Timber Supplies. Here’s a bed made out of plywood sourced from North Geelong Timber Supplies.” Too good! Looks like it came from a showroom. Plywood used to be known as a durable construction material that wasn’t finished … Read More

Roofing Supplies Geelong: 4 issues you can fix


The wild weather of the last few weeks is showing up the weaknesses of quite a few roofs in Geelong. Any suspect roof issues needs attention asap as it’s the main defence your house has against the weather. Here are 4 kinds of common issues that come up and that you can often fix yourself with some basic roofing supplies. If … Read More

Part 9: Rusty the bunny planter box

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Here’s another artistic creation from Russell Feldman: The rusty bunny planter box. Similar to the giant fish however perhaps not so ambitious, the bunny has been created from some scrap box steel that was lying around the place. With space for a couple of natives poking out the top it’s an interesting piece and far better than dropping the steel off … Read More

Little Boot Cafe Geelong: Timber Benches

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We’re seeing coffee pop up everywhere around North Geelong. Little Boot Cafe was recently featured in the Geelong Advertiser and is the newest addition to the area, opening only 9 weeks ago. We dropped in to try the DC Speciality Coffee and to see what they did with some of our timber, in fact we enjoyed the coffee on the timber benches they … Read More

Part 8: Plywood Bed Head

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As the main piece of furniture in the bedroom, your bed defines the space. It also tends to be the most used piece in the house. What other piece of furniture do we spend a third of our life on? These reasons make a good case for having a bed that we really like. Most of us will go for a browse … Read More

Part 7: DIY Dining Table

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Russell built this DIY dining table out of some of our hardwood and we just love it! It’s the perfect rustic addition to the main dining area and kitchen where stone and polished concrete feature heavily. Those surfaces highlight the natural tones and variation of the piece and warm the whole room. Russell said it was a simple job to put this one together but … Read More