We believe in stocking a range of quality materials at North Geelong Timber Supplies. We know that sometimes you just need the cheapest timber for a job, while other times you need the best quality materials for something that you want to last for years.

A lot of our customers come to us with a budget and a list of materials – our job is to help them find the right quality materials for the job within their budget.

Timber is one of the areas where the cost is really dictated by what the finished product will be. For example, soft wood like Pine is great for building construction and furniture making but due to it’s nature can dent and scratch easily. It also weathers pretty quickly if left outdoors so will need treating. Hardwoods will be a higher up front cost, but will last for longer when used for flooring, decking or doors.

Distinguishing between price & value for money

‘Cheap’ is not always an indicator of good value. Cheap may indicate a poorly constructed or low-grade product that may need to be replaced in a short space of time. Something of better quality that lasts is usually a much better investment.

Perhaps the product is a good one that happens to be at a very reasonable price or on sale but if it’s not appropriate for your needs… then it’s not really good value for you.

Before buying something or going somewhere, figure out the value to you before looking at the price/cost. Also remember that the value to you will be different to everyone else.

Another consideration is the service – including the product knowledge, sourcing hard to find goods, ease of getting in and out of the store, general helpfulness when making your purchase.

Sometimes cheap is good value but you may be prepared to pay a little more for the same product if the service attached to it is of more value to you and makes the purchase easier.

At North Geelong Timber Supplies we like to find out what your needs are so you get the best value for money and bang for your buck!

We stock a range of quality products, at great prices. Come in and see our range!

We stock a range of quality products, at great prices. Come in and see our range!