Wood-framed_houseExternal cladding is your first defence against the weather so it’s extremely important to find the right materials, and get the right fit & finish for the job at hand.

North Geelong Timber Supplies stocks a wide range of corrugated iron sheets and timber cladding options such as hardwood and exterior-grade plywood. We also carry cement sheet and board to help you get your building project completed on time and on budget. We even offer a free lend of a trailer if your vehicle isn’t big enough to carry the load on its own.

If you need external cladding prices, please contact us via our form or for an immediate price call on 5278 9464.

External Cladding – Range

Our range includes corrugated iron sheets in standard lengths, as well as many timber options in soft and hardwood varieties. The timber external cladding comes milled with a range of square and beveled edges depending on your needs. We also have pre-primed options if you’re in  rush and want to save some time on painting.

It’s best to give us a quick call on 5278 9464 ahead of visiting to confirm we have what you need.

External Cladding – Uses

External cladding milled from timber is a popular way to protect the main building on your property from the weather. It also adds aesthetic value and has an environmental advantage.

Milling a log into boards generally uses very little energy at scale and creates less toxic pollution than most other construction materials. If the original source of the timber was from a sustainably managed plantation, then this adds to the environmental value.

However it is important to make sure that the property you’re installing the external cladding on doesn’t have issues with white ants/termites. In this case it may be worth considering steel or cement sheet options.

As mentioned on the corrugated iron page, steel can be another attractive external cladding option that is cost effective and long lasting.