We’re constantly surprised at just how many people come in looking for steel on weekends so they can finish off their Geelong steel project.

Here’s a few of our favourite projects around the house that you might need some Geelong steel for:

Fencing and Gates


Our customers send us photos and stories about their projects. (You should consider it too!) Here’s a gate that Mark Grace built using North Geelong Timber Supplies’ steel. He’s clearly a talented man!

We have plenty of RHS, angle, pipe, bar and flat Geelong steel. All you need is your tools and some imagination.

Roofing – flashings, spouting, cladding

Your roof is protecting you from water damage all year round, regardless of the season. Don’t get caught out! Even small leaks that are left unattended can become a major headache.

Perhaps you only need a small amount of Geelong steel. We have the perfect range for you with standard lengths in small and large quantities depending on your requirements.

Animal Enclosures

Good wire and a durable frame is essential when building an animal enclosure. Whether it’s protecting the chooks from nasties or keeping horses contained on your property, building it out of steel, and in particular galvanised steel, is worth considering for a job that will last decade after decade. Where timber fence posts may rot, galvanised steel really stands up to the weather.

Concrete Reinforcing

Concrete is great on it’s own but it’s even better when you take the time to reinforce it. This is especially true when you’re paving. Movement is inevitable, especially in some areas of Geelong like Belmont. Steel reinforcing gives your concrete that bit of additional rigidity that helps it stay put as things move around it.

We have an incredible range of Geelong steel. Find out more on our Geelong steel page.