North Geelong Timber Supplies is a Laserlite supplier in Geelong stocking a range of polycarbonate roof sheeting products, ideal for residential & commercial roofing and cladding.

Laserlite, as its name suggests, provides protection from rain and wind, while allowing light to penetrate. It’s ideal for clear roofing workshops, pergolas, carports and any area you want to enhance with natural light.

Laserlite is a trusted brand and designed for Australian conditions meaning it’ll get a longer life under that harsh Aussie sun.

Come in and see our range, contact us via our enquiry form or get in touch on 5278 9464. While we hold a good amount of stock we can also order anything we don’t have on hand and have it on site very quickly.

Our Laserlite supplier range includes polycarbonate products plus all the accessories and fixings you’ll need to install your Laserlite product.

We’re happy to share our Laserlite product knowledge. The team is made up of a mix of tradies and builders that understand and can advise on the product or installation of the product.

Not just a Laserlite supplier!

Unsure whether Laserlite’s what you’re after? We’re not just a Laserlite supplier, we also carry metal roofing materials and a wide range of timber supplies.

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More about Laserlite

According to the Laserlite website, it’s the only polycarbonate corrugated sheet product in Australia that features Advanced Weatherguard technology which is a  special protective material.

These protections allow it to:

  • Extend the life of the sheet by up to 50%*
  • Maintain sheet colour & clarity up to 50% longer*
  • Provide 99.9% protection from UV rays up to 50% longer*
  • Resist 25% larger hailstones*

Laserlite 3000 is the only polycarbonate roofing product to feature Comfort Cool™ Technology, special properties in the sheet that reflect the warming effect of the sun’s rays.

This offers:

  • Up to 50% better heat reduction than standard corrugated sheet
  • Reduced glare for ultimate comfort

* As compared to some other polycarbonate corrugated sheet products

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