Merbau TimberMerbau Timber is well known as the durable choice for decking thanks to it’s deep reddish brown grain and natural oils which help it survive in the weather.

It’s an A-grade, hard-wearing, long-lasting timber, very suitable for exterior use.

We stock a wide range of Merbau timber and see it used in many projects beyond the regular deck. Merbau timber can be used in furniture, flooring, decking, panelling, turnery, sills, boat building, carving and window joinery.

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More about Merbau Timber

Did you know the botanical name for Merbau timber is intsia bijuga? It grows in South-east Asia, the Philippines, Solomon Islands, Fiji and Papua New Guinea.

It also has many other commom names depending on what part of the world you’re from. Some common ones are:

  • Vesi
  • Kwila
  • Ipil
  • Some people also spell it Merbue

Merbau Timber’s Appearance

Did you know it may be bright yellow when first cut? Over time as it dries out it then becomes the pale to dark reddish brown that it’s known for. It’s surface texture tends to be moderately coarse but it’s a very straight grained timber which adds a smooth overall finish from a distance.

Working with Merbau Timber

It cuts cleanly however because of the oily nature of Merbau timber it tends to make saw teeth clog with a gummy material quickly. Predrilling may be needed when nailing.

It generally glues well, however sanding and finishing can be problematic as the dust can irritate both skin and the respiratory systems.

One thing to be aware of is Merbau may initially bleed when wet (like most hardwoods) as they lose their tannins. Care does need to be taken around nearby light coloured surfaces.

Leen’s Building Supplies has great staff on the floor that can assist you in choosing the right timber for your project as well as advice on how to work with that timber.

If you need a price on Merbau timber please contact us via our form or for an immediate price call on 5278 9464.