Mule-Coffee-Shed-Geelong---Food-TruckNorth Geelong Timber Supplies is Geelong’s marine plywood supplier and we have people coming in to grab it for all sorts of projects.

Marine plywood technically isn’t very different from other plywoods. It’s made up of many layers of dense hardwood like any good exterior plywood but it is different in that it’s also been treated in a way that repels water even when submersed.

1. Boat building and restoration

Boat building and restoration is the obvious use for Marine plywood. As the name implies, that’s what it’s specifically made for. As Geelong’s marine plywood supplier we sell a fair bit for this purpose, but there are many other uses as well.

2. Caravan Restoration

Old caravans are back! We’re seeing a lot of them being restored as food trucks, cafes and even barbers.

New caravans tend to be made with more advanced materials and thus are better sealed, however the older ones have all the charm that comes with timber frames, plywood floors and aluminium cladding, but also all the drawbacks.

Over the years movement in the frame and weathering from living outside leads to a breakdown in the seals which in turn eventually leads to water getting in and rotting out the frame and floor.

As Geelong’s marine plywood suppliers we can provide you with marine ply for restoring your caravan. While it’s not neccessary to use such a high grade some people do prefer it as it’s able to withstand any future leaks while providing years of great service.

3. Horse Float Restoration

Very similar caravans, Marine ply can be used in horse floats however it’s not mandatory. We see so many people coming in to discuss this type of restoration that we wrote a whole article about it. Here’s an extract from it:

Our hardwood formply is perfect for the job because of it’s strength and waterproof qualities. While it is a little more expensive than other kinds of ply, it will last a lot longer – making it a good investment for your float. Because it’s been designed for wet conditions it means that it will easily withstand anything your horse throws at it.

Hardwood formply is a premium quality plywood made of selected wood species based on density, bending strength, impact resistance and finish characteristics. It’s manufactured to have an A-grade surface on both sides, with no core gaps and permanent waterproof A-bond glue, and a common black colour overlay finish giving it extra protection.

4. Dam Platform

If you’re out on a property and want a nice platform for your dam, you may consider using our Marine plywood supplies. A lot of platforms are built using scrap hardwood and other timber from around the property. While this can also be good, sometimes a perfectly flat surface can be just what the doctor ordered. No splinters and easily cleaned!