Corrugated iron sheets

Corrugated iron sheets are an extremely popular and durable exterior cladding material for roofing, walls and fences in Geelong, and in fact all across the country. It’s not unusual to gaze across the suburban street and see something similar to the picture shown here.

North Geelong Timber Supplies stocks a wide range of corrugated iron sheets to help you get your building project complete. We also offer free trailer hire if your vehicle isn’t big enough to carry the sheets on its own.

If you need corrugated iron sheet prices, please contact us via our form or for an immediate price call on 5278 9464.

Corrugated Iron Sheets – Range

Our range of corrugated iron sheets are available in a wide range of lengths and are coated in galvanised zinc, also known as ‘Zincalume’.

Corrugated Iron Sheets – Uses

There are many uses for corrugated iron sheets thanks to it’s strong and durable properties which stand up well to the harsh Australian climate. While it’s main use is roofing, it’s also an extremely good material for cladding a building or fence. Properly installed corrugated iron sheets can last for decades, with some people believing you can get up to 100 years out of them. 100 years is a long time and probably isn’t the typical lifespan, however you can expect to get between 10 and 50 years of good use depending on what area of Greater Geelong you’re in. While areas like Bannockburn are quite dry, the coast experiences more exposure to salt spray.

But the uses really are endless! We’ve seen some amazing art made from corrugated iron sheets. One of the best local examples of art made from corrugated iron sheets is from Steel Art who are just around the corner from us in North Geelong. There are also examples of beautiful and interesting architecture all around the world. Here is an article that we found that shows just a few.