Part 6: Covering boring plaster with plywood panels & corrugated iron

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Plaster is nice but lets be honest, it’s everywhere. Room after room, house after house it gets a little tired.

Sure a lick of paint can spice things up a little but it’s an old trick. Russell did something different and covered the roof of his lounge with stained Plywood panels and the walls with corrugated iron.

The panels have been hand-picked for grain variation and he’s also used different shades of stain to provide further differentiation in the look of the plywood panels.

On the walls Russell has used galvanised corrugated iron which reflects the light coming in from the large aluminium windows.

The result is an interesting lounge room that stands out from the rest!

There’s still lots more to come on Russell’s house so stay tuned for Part Seven or see below to read all the earlier stories.


Russell Feldman has literally covered his Torquay property with showpieces that have been hand-made from new and secondhand materials. Many pieces have come from our yard however a lot have also been sourced from country trips and bits and pieces that were being thrown out by friends and family.

This is the sixth in a multi-part series covering perhaps the best example we’ve seen of DIY creativity on a single property.

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