Wire fencing stakes and their uses


Wire Fencing stakes

Wire fencing stakes or star pickets are great for fencing, they are cheaper than other fence posts, easy to install and don’t have problems with rotting like timber posts. They are also extremely useful for a myriad of other things around your garden, yard or farm.

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Supporting plants with wire fencing stakes

Instead of using bamboo cane, timber stakes or even plastic stakes, wire fencing stakes are a great option when it comes to supporting and staking larger plants, especially vegetables like tomatoes. Wire fencing stakes can also be used with wire strung between several posts to train fruit and vegetables like passionfruit and peas to climb up.

Fruit trees and other climbing plants can often be trained to grow on a frame or espalliered using wire stakes or star pickets. The practice of espalier goes back to the 16th century when it was used to help fruit grow in colder regions by taking advantage of the warmth held by a brick wall after a sunny day. These days people also use espalier as decorative features in their garden.

Other uses for wire fencing stakes

Star pickets or wire fencing stakes can also be used for other applications such as supporting timber garden edging, helping keep timber retaining walls in place, keeping formwork in place for concreting and even helping construct an economical polypipe greenhouse! Google it and you’ll see what I’m talking about. The options are really quite endless and only limited by your imagination and engineering skills.