Part 5: Giant Garden Fish

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Here we have the artistic transformation of a pile of rocks and some galvanised mesh into a giant fish that accompanies the swing where the grandkids play.

This is a Russell Feldman original and is inspired by the ocean that is close to home and heart.

Russell bent and welded the steel himself before filling it with bands of black and white rocks. He then sealed it up with mesh on the other side and finished it off by bolting it to a base that doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere.

This is definitely a piece that looks like it could have been bought in from a well known artist at a price to match, but as it turns out it’s just another example of Russell’s creative genius.

Stay tuned for Part 6!

Russell Feldman has literally covered his Torquay property with showpieces that have been hand-made from new and secondhand materials. Many pieces have come from our yard however a lot have also been sourced from country trips and bits and pieces that were being thrown out by friends and family.

This is the fifth in a multi-part series covering perhaps the best example we’ve seen of DIY creativity on a single property. Read part one about hand-made Garden Beds herepart two about the creek-bed and deck, part three about bottle-walls here, and part four about a mega fire-pit that will keep 30 people warm.