Part 4: Mega Fire Pit

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This is the fourth in a multi-part series covering perhaps the best example we’ve seen of DIY creativity on a single property. Read part one about hand-made Garden Beds herepart two about the creek-bed and deck, and part three about bottle-walls here.

We can all admit to keeping a dead washing machine around with the intention of ripping the barrel out, grabbing a handful of bolts and a couple of stakes, and making a fire pit for those cold winter nights in the backyard.

The question is how many of us actually do it?

Russell is showing us the way again with his amazing oversized fire pit that uses the barrel of a commercial washing machine!

According to Russell, once it’s fired up you can keep 30+ people warm at almost any distance!

Russell Feldman has literally covered his Torquay property with showpieces that have been hand-made from new and secondhand materials. Many pieces have come from our yard however a lot have also been sourced from country trips and bits and pieces that were being thrown out by friends and family.