Part 1: Hand-made Garden Beds

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This is the first in a multi-part series covering perhaps the best example we’ve seen of DIY creativity on a single property.

Russell Feldman has literally covered his Torquay property with showpieces that have been hand-made from new and secondhand materials. Many pieces have come from our yard however a lot have also been sourced from country trips and bits and pieces that were being thrown out by friends and family.

Let’s start part 1 in the garden. Garden beds can be expensive however Russell has picked up some bullnose corrugated iron and bolted together 4 large garden beds that fill the kitchen with fresh, healthy produce year round. He had tomatoes growing at the time of writing. Such a simple implementation can save you time, strain and pain as it saves you having to bend down all the time. We love it!

IMG_1650 IMG_1647