Metal roofing is being given new life


Interesting uses for metal roofing

Metal roofing is being given new life

There is a growing trend of upcycling happening in Australia, people are using materials that previously would have been discarded to create new items or add new design features to existing items.  Reclaimed railroad sleepers are doing more than defining borders between garden beds and lawn, timber floorboards are used to create new ‘rustic furniture’ and corrugated iron or metal roofing is being used to make garden ornaments, raised garden beds, outdoor showers and even being used inside homes as design elements to give a ‘country’ look to all rooms of the house.

Interesting uses for metal roofing

Garden Ornaments

If you want to create a unique statement piece for your garden, you are only limited by your imagination and skill level.  Metal roofing or corrugated iron can be turned into simple things like one dimensional flowers or animals relatively easily and tutorials can be found online.  Three dimensional shapes can take more time and talent to make although the end product will be a testament to your effort.  If you don’t have the inclination, tools or ability, a wide variety of ornaments can be purchased online, at markets, nurseries or even your local hardware store.


Garden Bed Solutions

Corrugated iron or metal roofing can be used to create raised garden beds in any shape or size to suit your needs.  The resulting garden beds will not only be functional but will be an eye-catching element to add to your garden.  

Metal roofing garden beds

Outdoor Structures

Outdoor showers can be extremely handy if you’re a pool owner, it will help with your water quality and will cut down on wet people running through the house to the bathroom.  These can be DIY or you can hire someone to design and construct one from corrugated iron or metal roofing.  

The options are limitless when it comes to other outdoor structures, including

  • Outdoor bar
  • Chicken coop
  • Dog kennel
  • Cat enclosure
  • Cubby house
  • Bird aviary
  • Gazebo


Indoor Uses

Corrugated iron or metal roofing can be used to give your home some rustic country charm or an edgy industrial vibe.  Items of furniture can be repurposed to include elements of corrugated iron or you can jump in the deep end and create a feature wall.  

When it comes to recycling, repurposing and upcycling metal roofing or corrugated iron, you are only bound by what you can imagine.