LaserLite: A perfect alfresco roofing choice for Geelong


Geelong Laserlite Suppliers

Nothing can ruin a family barbecue quicker than an unexpected rain shower so to make sure your outdoor area/patio or pergola is covered, come and visit North Geelong Timber Supplies for all of your LaserLite roofing needs.

Alfresco Living with LaserLite

Indoor/outdoor living is popular in Australia and adding a roof to your outdoor area guarantees that you will be able to use it all year round.  Laserlite is a great roofing option for outdoor areas as it will not only protect from the heat of the sun and rain but it also allows light through, unlike other roofing products, which will prevent your patio/pergola or verandah from becoming dark and gloomy.

LaserLite is available in a variety of colours so you can choose if you want it to complement or contrast with your existing colour scheme.  The different colours also allow different levels of light and heat to pass through them so you can choose to have more than one colour depending on your project needs.  North Geelong Timber Supplies is a Geelong supplier of LaserLite so come and see us today.

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Other uses for LaserLite

Building a greenhouse with laserlite will ensure that your end product is more resilient than using plastic sheeting and less fragile than if you were to use glass.  You can also pick and choose between different levels of light penetration depending on what kind of plants will be cultivated in it.  It can also be used in combination with other building materials as well, like timber and decorative wire panels.

As well as larger greenhouses, laserlite can be used to construct a more simple version of a greenhouse called a cold frame.  A cold frame is a transparent roofed enclosure built close to the ground to protect plants from frost and cold weather.  

And if you want something even simpler than a cold frame then you can also construct a cloche to protect your plants.  Both cold frames and cloches can be utilised as temporary structures that are easy to move around depending on where they are needed most.

Leen’s Building Supplies stock a great range of LaserLite in Geelong so get in contact with us today